GeneNeer’s TR8™ Regulation Platform

Healthy Food is Cultivated in Our Field

The quality, nutrition and abundance of the world’s food is in the hands of crop seed manufacturers. Most cultivated crops today have undergone gene editing to ensure they will survive and thrive. 

Overcoming Challenges

GeneNeer’s breakthrough, IP-protected TR8™ Regulation Platform overcomes current obstacles in R&D to address the biggest challenges to crop production amidst rapid and unpredictable climate change, while enhancing global food security and sustainability.

Growing Confidence

As Agritech scientists and experts, we at GeneNeer have developed an innovative gene-editing platform to help seed companies achieve their goals with unprecedented agility and safety, for a healthier future.

Harnessing Nature

The TR8™ Platform is currently being developed for crop enhancement in two key areas: gene editing and trait expression control. Tomorrow, this exciting technology will be employed for applications in other sectors and industries.

Forging Partnerships

In cooperation with global seed developers, researchers and growers, GeneNeer and the TR8™ Platform are brightening the outlook for food cultivation in light of climate change. If you would like to team with us on this remarkable journey, please reach out and talk to us!

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