Traits On-Demand with GeneNeer Technology

GeneNeer has a revolutionary proprietary technology that can address the biggest crop challenges related to climate change. It enables growers to activate traits, like highly effective drought tolerant traits, in their crops when and where they are needed. 

A New Paradigm in Crop Management

GeneNeer's Drought Tolerance Activation System

GeneNeer Drought Tolerance Activation System


Lock the trait


Monitor environmental conditions for trigger events


Activate inducer application system with sprays or irrigation and unlock the trait


Unlock & Re-lock traits for complete control.

GeneNeer in Action

Our technology has already been tested on several traits successfully. In these proof of concept (POC) projects we evaluated the ability of the technology to regulate these traits on-demand. These POCs demonstrate how the technology is necessary and sufficient to lock and unlock the traits for complete control of trait activation. Click here to read more about some of our successful projects. 

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