TR8™ Trait Regulation Platform

GeneNeer’s TR8™ Trait Regulation Platform is the next generation of gene-editing technology, facilitating crop trait expression on-demand and providing growers a powerful tool to fortify their produce against climate change, pests, viruses and other natural threats.

Gene Expression
with Precision and Control

The TR8™ Platform offers an effective method of introducing and controlling gene expression in response to external application of specific metabolites, with a high degree of specificity. As a result, GeneNeer’s TR8™ Platform has the potential to become an increasingly popular tool for a wide range of applications in genetic engineering (introducing foreign genetic material into a genome) and genome editing (modifying native trait expression within a given genome).

off-on buttons + arrows


GeneNeer tech.
locks the trait


and other stresses


Apply inducer via
irrigation or spray


Trait is active
for 7-14 days

Induction to
“Unlock” Tolerance Traits

The technology is based on an RNA regulatory element (RE), designed by GeneNeer, which acts as an inducible gene system. The RE is a short, non-coding sequence, which, when spliced into the mRNA in an inducer-dependent manner, “locks” the targeted trait. By externally applying an inducer – the RE “unlocks” the trait, activating its desired gene and controlling its expression.

Advantages of Gene Editing Based on GeneNeer’s Superlines™



Superlines™ can be applied to a wide range of crops. 



Superlines’ RE can be employed in a wide range of applications, allowing for a high degree of flexibility in controlling gene expression.



Providing crop growers the right seeds helps them produce greater abundance and more profitable yields, while contributing to global food security.