TR8™ Regulation Platform

An Innovative Twist on
Traditional Gene Editing

The TR8™ Trait Regulation technology is based on an RNA regulatory element (RE), designed by GeneNeer, which can act as an inducible gene system. The RE is a short, non-coding sequence, which, when spliced into the mRNA in an inducer-dependent manner, “locks” the targeted gene. By applying an inducer, the RE “unlocks” the targeted gene, facilitating gene control and expression. 

The TR8™ Platform offers an effective way to control gene expression in response to specific metabolites, with a high degree of specificity and flexibility. As a result, GeneNeer’s TR8™ Platform has the potential to become an increasingly popular tool for applications in gene editing and agricultural biotechnology.

TR8™ Regulation Platform Advantages

When compared to other types of inducible gene systems, the TR8™ technology has several clear advantages:

Specific Targets

Targets highly specific and effective regulators of gene expression, which can be used to control gene expression in a physiologically-relevant manner.

Direct Control

Enables direct control. Unlike other inducible gene systems that require the binding of an external protein or signal, TR8™ RE can directly sense and respond to specific metabolites.

Modular Design

Operates using a modular design. TR8™ RE can be employed in a wide range of applications, allowing for a high degree of flexibility in controlling gene expression.


Provides for Scalability: TR8™ can be used to control the expression of multiple genes simultaneously, making them particularly useful for high-throughput screening or for controlling the expression of large gene networks.

GeneNeer’s TR8™ platform simplifies, expedites, and sometimes even enables the enhancement of crop traits using gene editing. In addition to facilitating crop seed development in a cost-effective manner, the technology empowers crop growers to produce greater abundance and more profitable yields.