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Plant Biotechnology

Traits On-Demand with GeneNeer

GeneNeer has a revolutionary proprietary technology that can address the biggest crop challenges related to climate change. It enables growers to activate traits, like highly effective drought tolerant traits, in their crops when and where they are needed. 

A New Paradigm in Drought Management

GeneNeer Drought Tolerance Activation System


Lock the trait


Monitor environmental conditions for trigger events


Activate inducer application system with sprays or irrigation and unlock the trait


Unlock & Re-lock traits for complete control.

GeneNeer in Action

Our technology has been tested on traits for herbicide resistance and plant size. In these proof of concept (POC) projects we evaluated the ability of the technology to regulate these traits on-demand. These POCs demonstrate how the technology is sufficient to lock the traits so that they grow as usual,  and to unlock them without side effects. 

Herbicide Resistance

GeneNeer technology was used to modify a trait for herbicide resistance in the plant by locking it so that it could not function. When the herbicide was applied the plant was susceptible to the herbicide. Only when the GeneNeer inducer technology was applied to the plant with the herbicide was the trait for herbicide resistance unlocked enabling the plant to survive and thrive even while exposed to the herbicide. 

Size Control

A trait for dwarf leaf size was put into the plants.  shown here along with GeneNeer’s technology.  While locked the dwarf leaf size was observed, but when the GeneNeer inducer was applied the system was unlocked and the plant grew to nearly three times the size of the locked dwarf plant in just 3 weeks. 

Imagine a new world in which genetically engineered crops can respond the same as their unmodified counterparts unless the trait is directly activated. With GeneNeer technology you can control when and where traits are expressed and have complete gene containment for modified elements.