TR8™ Trait Regulation Platform

GeneNeer’s TR8™ Trait Regulation Platform is the next generation of gene-editing technology, facilitating crop trait expression on-demand and providing growers a powerful tool to fortify their produce against climate change, pests, viruses and other natural threats.

Gene Expression
with Precision and Control

The TR8™ Platform offers an effective method of introducing and controlling gene expression in response to external application of specific metabolites, with a high degree of specificity. As a result, GeneNeer’s TR8™ Platform has the potential to become an increasingly popular tool for a wide range of applications in genetic engineering (introducing foreign genetic material into a genome) and genome editing (modifying native trait expression within a given genome).

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GeneNeer technology
locks the trait


and other stresses


Apply inducer via
irrigation or spray


Trait is active
for 7-14 days

Induction to
“Unlock” Tolerance Traits

The technology is based on an RNA regulatory element (RE), designed by GeneNeer, which acts as an inducible gene system. The RE is a short, non-coding sequence, which, when spliced into the mRNA in an inducer-dependent manner, “locks” the targeted trait. By externally applying an inducer, the RE “unlocks” the trait, activating its desired gene and controlling its expression.

TR8™ Regulation Platform Advantages

GeneNeer’s TR8™ technology has numerous advantages:


Safer Genetic

GeneNeer’s ability to precisely control the CRISPR activity and to remove its machinery after it has accomplished the required genetic modification prevent off-target gene editing. Performing these tasks quickly and accurately represent breakthroughs in our field and is safer for the entire food chain.


Faster and Cheaper
Gene Editing

Using the TR8™ gene editing approach is faster and more precise than other gene-editing methods. Therefore, costs of developing new crops are significantly reduced.


Trait Expression

Unlike other inducible gene systems, the TR8™ regulatory element can directly sense and respond to specific external inducers. Thus, the platform simplifies targeting highly specific and effective regulators of gene expression, which can be used to control crop traits in a precise, physiologically-relevant manner.


Modular Design

The TR8™ regulatory element can be employed in a wide range of applications, allowing for a high degree of flexibility in controlling gene expression.



The TR8™ Regulation Platform can be used to control the expression of multiple genes simultaneously, making them particularly useful for high-throughput screening or for controlling the expression of large gene networks.


Stress Reduction

Traits locked within crops should only be activated through the TR8™ platform when the crops are experiencing stress, thereby conserving energy for growth.