A New Paradigm in
Crop Trait Enhancement

TR8™ Regulation Platform

GeneNeer’s TR8™ Regulation Platform presents an exciting tool for crop seed researchers and developers to have much greater flexibility and control in producing crops tailored to the environmental, nutritious and productivity requirements of the global market. 

This flexibility is then passed to growers, who are able to activate and deactivate crop traits, by applying an inducer, through irrigation or aerial spray, as needed. The activated traits will protect the crop’s resilience, for instance, throughout a period of dangerous heat conditions, ensuring optimal crop performance during and after that period.


How TR8™ for Trait Enhancement Works

GeneNeer Drought Tolerance Activation System


Lock the trait


Monitor environmental conditions for trigger events


Activate inducer application system with sprays or irrigation and unlock the trait


Unlock & Re-lock traits for complete control.

TR8™ Crop Trait Applications

Using GeneNeer’s technology, seed developers can control when and where traits are expressed and ensure complete gene containment for modified elements. Innate crop traits may be targeted and controlled, while new ones may be introduced and managed using the TR8™ Regulation Platform. 

Sample Crop Traits that can
be controlled by TR8™

  • Drought Tolerance
  • Herbicide Tolerance
  • Crop Size
  • Crop Yield 
  • Nutritional Value
  • Virus Resistance
  • Pest Tolerance
  • Starch Content 
  • Performance when Cooked, i.e. crispiness!

Successful PoCs Indicate Favorable Results
Using TR8™ Technology

Drought Tolerance

GeneNeer’s TR8™ Regulation Platform was used to induce and activate drought tolerance genes in model plant. This process was accomplished through genetic engineering (GE) involving genes known to affect such traits.

Herbicide Tolerance

GeneNeer’s platform was successfully employed to lock a trait for herbicide tolerance in the plant, so it could not function unless induced. When the herbicide was applied to the plant that was “locked”, the plant was susceptible to the herbicide. However, when the GeneNeer inducer was applied to the plant, unlocking the herbicide resistance trait, the plant was able to survive and thrive, even while exposed to the herbicide. 

Crop Size

A trait for dwarf leaf size was introduced into the plants. While locked, the dwarf leaf size was observed, but when the GeneNeer inducer was applied, unlocking the trait, the plant grew to nearly three times the size of the locked dwarf plant in just 3 weeks.