"GeneNeer brings in a new era in genomic modulation"

Kinneret Shefer, CEO

Our Story

Drought Tolerance with GeneNeer Technology

The Challenge

Warnings of global warming have fallen on deaf ears with little done to prevent it. With warming effects already triggered around us, we must now address the consequences of our inaction, the greatest of these being the risk to food security and it’s devastating geopolitical implications.  

A potentially promising solution to the effects of global warming on food security is the development of drought and heat tolerant lines for main food crops (such as corn, soybeans and more) using genetic engineering (GE) of genes known to affect such traits. But there is a problem with such solutions. Introducing new traits imposes a burden on the crops with a yield reduction “penalty” in normal conditions. In addition, the strength of the effect can not be adjusted according to the heat/drought forecast.

Half A Solution

A Full Solution

GeneNeer’s ground-breaking technology that enables introduction of new heat and drought tolerance traits to most crops in such a way that there is no yield reduction in normal conditions.  Growers will unlock these traits on an as-needed basis. For example, towards a heat wave growers will activate the heat tolerance traits by aerial spray. The traits will remain active throughout the period of dangerous heat conditions ensuring optimal crop performance during that period.