We Focus on Global Food Security
and Sustainability

Our Vision:

To offer advanced bioscience solutions that contribute in meaningful, sustainable ways – such as global food security – by leveraging the powerful traits found in nature.

Our Mission:

GeneNeer will leverage its advanced gene-editing platform to facilitate the safe, accurate, rapid and affordable development of crop seeds possessing enhanced genetic traits, including latent traits that may be activated on-demand via induction, to optimize such benefits as crop growth, yield and nutritional value.

Blazing New Trails

Dr. Kinneret Shefer – a Fulbright scholar, RNA researcher and entrepreneur – channeled her scientific work in RNA molecular structure and function into the development of enhanced crops. Her work evolved into an innovative and ground-breaking platform capable of simplifying and embellishing the process and safety of gene editing.

She teamed with Prof. Oded Shoseyov, Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment, an expert in nanobiotechnology, and a serial entrepreneur in agritech. Together, they co-founded GeneNeer.

Captivating the AgriTech Industry:

GeneNeer had a successful 2023, including multiple successful proof of concept trials; a paid collaboration with a Tier-1 company; participation in the prestigious StartLife program for promising agritech start-ups; the registration of a second patent application; and significant strides in its research and development activities. As a result, the company concluded the year with a $1 million investment and doubled its valuation.

Growing a Winning Team

At year-end 2023, GeneNeer concluded a $1 million funding round led by Tall Grass Ventures, an early-stage Agrifood Tech venture firm based in Canada, and 2b AHEAD Ventures, a repeat investor from Germany. The company began 2024 by moving to a new laboratory and expanding its research team and R&D activities. 

If you are interested in becoming a part of the team, as an employee, a partner or an investor, contact us!

Pursuing Gender Equality

In a world where less than one-fifth of AgriTech companies are founded by women, and the percentage of funding invested in female-led companies is only in the single digits, GeneNeer is determined to partner with investors and companies whose vision is science- and business-based, not gender-based.